Business valuation

What is the value of your company?

The value of a company deppende on the expected cash flows in the future and the risk profile of the company.  Business valuation is therefore more than a calculation exercise. For determining the value important questions need to be asked. What makes the company unique? Is there important intellectual property in place? What are the strengths and weaknesses? What are the developments in the market? How does the company deal with these developments? What are the risks?

The importance of a valuation

A sound valuation brings clarity and insight in the financial situation and earnings potential of a company. This is of great importance for those involved in a company valuation or a transaction. With a sound valuation importance decisions can be made.

Situations for which a valuation is important 

It is important to know the value of your company. This particularly applies to the following situations:

  • Buying or selling a company
  • Sales of important assets or Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Business succession
  • Financial participation in a company
  • Collaboration / partnership
  • Making the right strategic decisions
  • Conflicts / litigation
    • Buy-out of a co-shareholder or partner
    • Divorce
    • Economic damages
    • Tax purposes, e.g., in case of a business succession

In these situations WeValue Innovations can be your representative or independent advisor (Register Valuator).

Industry experience

WeValue Innovations has experience with small to internationally operating companies (+1500 employees) in industries such as machine & devices building, services, medical technology, biotech, bio-based, high-tech, tech and ICT.

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