Register valuator

A Register Valuator or an RV is a financial expert who is specialised in valuing companies. An RV has a obtained a specialised postgraduate degree in business valuation and therefore has the knowledge and expertise to execute complex valuation assignments.

An RV can act as a representative of a client, as an independent advisor for multiple parties or can be involved as an arbiter. In case of conflict about the value a Register Valuator can help to come to a solution with a binding advice.

As a Register Valuator WeValue Innovations can do independent valuations in cases of:

  • Intellectual Property transactions
  • Conflicts between shareholders or when a shareholder wants to leave the company and  a buy-out solution is needed
  • Economic damages due to breach of contractual agreements or infringement of intellectual property
  • Bankruptcy: assessment future commercial perspectives for a restart or justification of the settlement regarding creditors and owners
  • Mergers & acquisitions: being a representative for a buyer or a seller or an independent valuator in case of a significant price gap between buyer and seller

WeValue Innovations works in these kind of assignments often together with lawyers, accountants, tax advisors and patent attorneys. WeValue Innovations works throughout the Netherlands and is active in various industry sectors from locations in Groningen and in Amsterdam.

If you would like to know more about this service or you would like to receive a price indication you can contact WeValue Innovations via this website or by telephone.