For Businesses

WeValue Innovations works together with various partners.

  • Accountants / tax advisors: mergers & acquisitions or tax purposes.
  • Attorneys: independent advice about the value of company shares or intellectual property (IP) in situations of conflicts, sales and licences.
  • Business developers / consultants: hands-on support at company financing and (IP) deal-making.
  • Corporate finance / M&A advisors: complex valuations for innovative companies & intellectual property for M&A.
  • Investors: advice about the value of a portfolio company.
  • Patent attorneys: extra service for customers by advising about the value of intellectual property (IP) in situations of conflicts, sales and licences or for making important strategic decisions.
  • Receivers: professional valuation report in order to account for important decisions.

Benefits of the collaboration:

  • Clarity about the justification of the value with a systematic analysis of the market, competitors, technological risks, intellectual property (IP) and business model.
  • Specialisation in industries such as machines & equipment, medical technology, biotech, tech en bio-based / renewable energy and access to a good network in these industries.
  • Professional valuation report in accordance to the standards of the Dutch Institute of Register Valuators.
  • Flexible sparring partner at negotiations.

Contact us for more information or a personal introduction. This could also be in the form of a company presentation or a workshop about valuing intellectual property (IP) and innovative companies.